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Full Steam Ahead For Battinah Expressway

A phenomenal effort was recently made by USL International Oman based staff, spearheaded by Colin Ridley our 20+ year 'veteran' site supervisor who lives in Oman, to complete 32000m² of PmB waterproofing to multiple new bridges in only 4 weeks!

A key milestone was targeted by the main client Oman's Ministry of transport and communication to complete section 1 of this mega project in order to provide a vital link to other sections and open up the routes for local and wider traffic use.


In order to achieve this goal USL International worked closely with the main contractor Nagaruna International, and both parties worked continuously despite frequent sand storms and seasonal rainfall as prevalent in these parts during January and February.


USL International deployed two teams supported by local workers supplied by NCC and using this team spirit activities were completed on time, meeting all of the strict quality procedures as monitored by Parsons international and in a safe and efficient manner.


 Polyurethane Waterproofing


The scope included the supply and installation of the Pitchmastic PmB spray applied polyurethane waterproofing system which has met with all the requirements of the local specifications and has been successfully used in Oman for 8 years and wider GCC for 23 years.

The PmB system has unparalleled track record of performance in the region and is second to none.


 Polyurethane Waterproofing


This project, despite it's size, is actually only one part of the Battinah expressway scheme and USL International is also working on neighboring projects Battinah 4,5, and 6 at the same time despite the projects being stretched over a 265 km of very difficult terrain!


This has very clearly demonstrated to the ultimate client that we have the capacity, logistical support, technical ability and management structure in place to tackle the largest and most demanding projects and even if these are carried out continuously during the same time frame!


 Polyurethane Waterproofing


Nagarjuna Construction Head of Oman Operations Mr Kishore Kumar Tireiveedhi recently praised the efforts of the USL International site team saying 'You have done a tremendous job and supported our efforts to meet the clients deadline'.


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