Fibrecrete Preservation Technologies offers superior materials for repairing concrete and asphalt highway and bridge surfaces.


Fibrecrete Preservation Technologies (FPT) manufactures and distributes premium construction materials that are specifically designed for the repair, restoration, and maintenance of parking garages, highways, bridges, and other concrete structures. 


Our portfolio includes materials for use in:

  • Bridge Expansion Joint Repairs
  • Hot Applied Flexible Repairs
  • Structural Concrete Repairs
  • Joint Sealing
  • Structural Waterproofing
  • High Friction Surfacing
  • ADA Detectable Warning Surfaces

FPT can assist agencies in the design of new materials and specifications to fit their specific needs. Our products are used in every climate and temperature zone in the United States and will perform under the most extreme conditions – from summer in Laredo, Texas, to winter in Cleveland, Ohio, and everything in between.


With FPT, you not only get material expertise, you also get access to professionals who know how and why our products work. FPT products perform year after year and provide excellent value to DOTs, municipalities, or any agency responsible for infrastructure preservation