Bridge Bearings


Ekspan F Series Fixed & Guided Bearings

Ekspan F Series fixed and guided bearings are structural bearings for locating structures, designed to react only for horizontal loads. These fixed and guided bearings are available as standards for loads up to 517 Kips. They are manufactured to meet quality standards applicable throughout the world.

These bearings are commonly used in conjunction with laminated elastomeric bearings to resist the horizontal forces.  The bearings can be designed to allow for rotation about all axis whilst having a capacity of +15mm – 10mm vertical translation, which is very useful for future bearing replacement.  This allows the structure to remain restrained during jacking and replacement of the laminated elastomeric bearings, reducing the need for significant temporary works. 


F series bearings are available in three forms:

  • 10F Fixed
  • 11G & 21F Free to move in one horizontal direction

In addition, all bearings can accept compressive movements of up to 3 mm (1/10 in.), which facilitates their use with bearings (such as elastomeric types) that deflect noticeably under load.



All three types, 10F, 11F and 21F, have the facility for bolted attachment of the base to sockets, or an independent attachment plate. 10F and 21F top plates can also be attached by bolts to sockets or an independent attachment plate. The 11F bearing is designed so the top plate takes the form of a tang permanently embedded in infill concrete between adjacent precast elements.


Load Capacities:

  • Vertical load capacity 0kN
  • Horizontal load capacity up to 517 Kips
  • Rotational capacity up to 0.01 Radians (21FE and 10FE)
  • Rotational capacity up to 0.01 radians longitudinally and 0.04radians transversely (31FE)
  • Vertical translation of +15mm – 10mm



  • Fully welded sliding surfaces
  • Fully certified EN compliant materials
  • Vertical translation allows bearing replacement without the need for significant temporary works