Bridge Bearings


Ekspan KE Series Bearings

Ekspan KE Series is a range of structural bearings in use worldwide that are manufactured to international quality standards. The standard range comprises multi-axis rotation bearings in fixed, constrained (or guided) and free configurations to support loads up to 10,405 Kips.


KE series bearings are available in three forms:

- 30KE Fixed

- 31KE Guided - Free to move in one horizontal direction

- 22KE Free to move in any horizontal direction


Ekspan KE range of pot bearings are designed to allow the correct transfer of load whilst allowing rotation about all axis.  The bearings are also designed to either allow or restrain translations depending on your requirements.  The rotation is accommodated by a moulded 60IRHD rubber pad contained within the pot, restrained by a pair or trio of brass piston rings.

Designed in accordance with EN1337-5


Load Capacities:

  • Vertical load capacity up to 10,406 Kips
  • Horizontal load capacity up to 877 Kips
  • Rotational capacity up to 0.015 radians



  • Fully welded sliding surfaces
  • Fully certified EN compliant materials
  • Integrated guides to allow for accurate positioning