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Equal Opportunities Policy

USL Group is committed to promoting equal opportunities in employment.

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Equal Opportunities Policy

USL Group and its operating divisions of USLBridgeCare, USLStructureCare, PitchmasticPmB, Nufins, Pipeline and Drainage Services, FibreGrid, Visul Systems, Prime Resins, Ekspan and Fibrecrete Prevention Technologies, are totally committed to the basic philosophy of our Parent Company RPM International Inc, in their Values & Expectations of 168, that we “Hire the best people you can find. Create an atmosphere that will keep them. Then let then do their jobs”.


All of our employees and those seeking employment, will receive equal opportunities related to hiring, working conditions, training programs, promotion and other conditions of employment.


We recognise that we are greatly enhanced by the different range of backgrounds, experiences, views, beliefs and cultures represented within our staff and to this end we believe employee diversity is a valuable asset to our business and we are committed to eliminating discrimination and encouraging diversity amongst our workforce so that each employee feels respected and able to give of their best.


Additional information may be found within the Employers Hand Book in which a full Equality & Diversity Policy is available covering the key principals of, Age, Disability, Sex, Sexual orientation, Race, Religion or belief, Gender reassignment, Marriage or civil partnership, and Pregnancy and maternity. Breaches of our equality and diversity policy will be regarded as misconduct and could lead to disciplinary proceedings.


My fellow directors and I will not tolerate any discriminatory practices or behaviour to the treatment of our employees and equally to our visitors, clients and suppliers by our employees and workers and the treatment of our employees and workers by these third parties.


Nick Simpson

Group Managing Director


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